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Kanair is an established and reputable compressed gas distributor focusing on serving the Greater Toronto Area. We specialize in meeting our clients air product needs promptly and efficiently.

The types of gases we supply are:

Beverage gases

- Food grade Co2 ( Carbon Di-oxide)
- Beer Gas (For stouts and for ales / lagers)
- Food grade nitrogen

Industrial Gases
- Argon
- Argon mixes
- Acetylene
- Bar 97
- Co2
- Nitrogen
- Oxygen
- Propane
- Other Industrial gases available too

Mini Bulk Liquid Gases

- Argon
- Nitrogen
- Oxygen

Helium for balloons

Welding Equipment

All gases available in variety of sizes. For customized solution to your needs, contact us by:
Phone: 416 537 6706
E-mail: info@kanair.ca

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